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Since 2015, ROCWARE has been on the cutting-edge of technological innovation and Video/audio expertise. With 900+ Factory employees and 200+ patents to date in designing/manufacturing cameras, microphones, teleconferencing equipment, and everything AV-related. Our products have been used in major events such as The G20 Summit and the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. Our relentless desire for excellence and Technologicaladvancement has ROCWARE growing at a 33% per year rate. Whether you're an integrator/ supplier or end-user, ROCWARE has you covered!
About Us
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Is the ROCWARE RC08's TOF laser-assisted AF system a gimmick? May 20 22 Since ROCWARE officially released the RC08 Mini full HD USB audio and video integrated camera, and its TOF laser-assisted autofocus system has attracted a lot of attention. Many friends have such questions: Is it necessary to carry a TOF laser-assisted focusing system that is only available in high-end mobile phones for a mini USB Webcam. Is this a gimmick?
High-end conference tool ROCWARE RC10 4K UHD USB audio and video all-in-one designed camera Introduction Jun 07 22 ROCWARE officially released a 4K UHD USB audio and video camera - RC10. This is another audio and video all-in-one designed camera after the RC08. Compared with the mini compact RC08, RC10 adopts a hammer-like integrated design, which is simple and stylish, especially suitable for using with commercial large screen display, highlighting the high-end style of large professional conference room.
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